Contemporary A Cappella Musicians Institute

Introducing CAMI!

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Amanda, Collin, Isaiah, and Matt are thrilled to announce the unveiling of their latest collaboration project: the Contemporary A cappella Musicians’ Institute! Together these Pacific Northwest A cappella alumni have formed this non-profit organization to provide resources and assistance for contemporary a cappella groups in the Pacific Northwest in order to foster growth and artistic development in the community. Our first large scale effort will be the organization and production of the 7th Annual Northwest A cappella Concert (ANWAC) Festival! We have been working together with a number of the groups that have participated in previous ANWACs, and we sincerely hope to build off of the experience of previous years in order to provide a more fulfilling and educational event for all participants. Feel free to spread the word: CAMI is here to change the way we do contemporary a cappella in the Pacfic Northwest.

-Amanda, Collin, Isaiah, and Matt


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