Contemporary A Cappella Musicians Institute


2019 ANWAF Workshop Information Coming Soon!

2017 ANWAF Festival Workshops:

Maximizing Your Rehearsals | Instructor: Kevin Kunz
Kevin Kunz, the only two time National Harmony Sweepstakes Champion in the 30 year history of the competition (in two different groups,) will take you through a range of rehearsal principles and techniques to help your group get the most out of every practice. Time is a valuable commodity, so optimizing these sessions is vital to reaching your musical potential.

-Selecting and trusting your leader(s).
-Getting to the substance of the music.
-Humility and putting the groups needs first.
-Specific techniques to isolate and fix problem areas.
-The keys to improving pitch and rhythm.
-Altering your acoustic environments.
-The mindset of a performance.
-Shaking off a bad practice.

These are some of the topics that will be discussed and demonstrated. Developing good rehearsal techniques and habits will help your group make giant leaps ahead regardless of the ages of your singers and style of music you sing.

There is nothing more rewarding for a vocalist than being in an awesome group. When the harmonies are sparkling, the music takes on a life of it’s own! The trust, confidence and synergy you build with each other starts in the practice room. So let’s get together and figure out how to get the most out of your group!

TBA | Instructor: CJ Mickens

Developing Your Drum Kit | Instructor: Collin Donoghue
This course will explore different sounds and techniques that you can use to expand your percussive repertoire. We will cover common beatboxing sounds and their variations, as well as more specialized sounds and techniques. In addition, I will aim to provide you with tools and exercises that will help you continue to develop your skills on your own.

Anatomy of an Arrangement | Instructor: Matt Mayrhofer
An a cappella arrangement is broken down part-by-part and pieced together in order to demonstrate what it is that makes an effective arrangement. Watch an arrangement come together through the eyes of the arranger, discover the function of each individual part, and better understand how to create music using only the human voice. Learn to create your own a cappella arrangements and to change the way you approach any arrangement as a performer.

Arranging A cappella Choreography | Instructor: Isaiah Ragland
A technique for creating a cappella choreography and visuals using techniques for creating vocal arrangement. Often times a cappella choreographers do not have background in dance or are creating choreography for the first time. With this process no dance experience is required. Learn how to take your visual effects to the next level with small modifications, rehearsing precision, and breaking of expectation.


More workshop information coming soon!